Meet The Team

Alina is one of the four co-founders at Arus, as she helps strategise to ensure the long term sustainability of Arus. Before Arus, Alina graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was also an analyst at Accenture before teaching History as a Teach For Malaysia Fellow for four years in a public school. Alina loves hiking and is currently trying to be fitter than her dad in cycling.

David is responsible for ideating and designing the academy curriculum. He completed his degree in Psychology, minoring in Computer Science from McGill University. Before co-founding Arus, David was a Teach For Malaysia Fellow where he initiated Project, After school Coding Enterprise (ACE), a precursor to Arus. David loves Sid Meier’s Civilization so much that he vows to visit all the wonders featured in the game within his lifetime.

Daniel, a co-founder of Arus, co-designs the Arus curriculum and ensures our classes are run smoothly. He makes sure Arus is well-equipped for making and learning. Before co-founding Arus, Daniel studied Mechanical Engineering at Multimedia University and was a Teach For Malaysia Fellow who taught for 2 years. Daniel loves History. He sees historical information as little jigsaw pieces that make a big puzzle.

Azrina Azmi

Specialist, Content Development

Azrina has created content, managed programs, designed and strategised the delivery and execution of many of the programmes in Arus. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and was a Teach for Malaysia Fellow before joining Arus. In 2016, Azrina fulfilled a lifelong fascination with outer space when she got to meet a real astronaut and played mission control Commander during her space camp week under the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy scholarship. Azrina considers herself an “art explorer” and enjoys trying new arts and craft hobbies.

Yi Thing

Specialist, Content Development

Yi Thing creates content and manages projects in Arus to ensure our children are always in love with learning. She is a part of the Change Makers – Youth Activists for Gender Equality. She dreams to have a crafter’s studio where she can spend her whole day drawing, cutting, pasting, colouring and of course, dreaming.

Nabihah Hashim

Specialist, Teacher Training

Nabihah champions Girls in Tech programmes and develops modules to ensure digital learning is accessible to all children and youth. She is an alumna of US-ASEAN for YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy and a fellow at Teach For All Global Girls’ Education. Nabihah prefers a laid-back beach holiday and she wishes to go skiing again.

Faizah Farhana

Associate, Community Engagement

Faizah assists the team with research on Sustainable Development Goals and finds current global issues from news and reports. She has a Diploma in Mass Communication UITM and is currently doing a part-time Degree in Public Relations. Previously involved with events and logistics, she knows where to find things at a cheaper price. She loves making videos (when she’s not busy being an online influencer herself) and enjoys funny clips of guinea pigs.

Khaw Wei Young

Specialist, Youth Engagement

Wei Young is an Academy Teacher leading the students’ programmes Junior Maker Club (JMC) & Young Maker Club (YMC) in Alma, Bukit Mertajam. He is a Teach For Malaysia alumni. He used to work in a private hospital lab as a medical lab scientist. He says he doesn’t like to talk. To know him better, invite him over a hiking trip and you might know a little more about him.

Era Natasha

Specialist, Content Development

Natasha executes the overall strategy, research, content development, coordination and implementation of financial literacy programmes at Arus. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications majoring in Public Relations, she started her career in Public Relations consultancy firms before joining an ASEAN-entity and an education-focused social enterprise working with international volunteers. Being a small island girl herself, she has an interest in working with the Orang Asli communities. Natasha loves adventures like bungee jumping as much as she enjoys staying home doing nothing.

Nalissa Asri

Associate, Youth Engagement

Nalissa helps bring projects to life by churning out new ideas and works passionately on curating online learning content for both teachers and students. She graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia but unfortunately did not get to attend her graduation due to COVID19. Nalissa keeps herself in a good mood by curating her playlist on Spotify with funky R&B music.

Yam Phui Yee

Lead, Community Engagement

Phui Yee coordinates programmes and enjoys bringing Arus’ good work to more people through social media. She is a Teach For Malaysia alumna with experience working in the media, education and for a very short while, in a zoo. She cannot wait to publish her own children’s book.

Atiqah Nazir

Associate, Teacher Training

Atiqah focuses on unearthing and encouraging life-long learning in teachers as teachers are learners too. She has a Masters (Sc) in Engineering Business Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and she also a part of the Teach For Malaysia Alumni Network and she is the founder of the Baju Melayu Raya Project. She builds Gundam, assembles buildings, spaceships and marine vessels. She is de facto party and getaway planner for her girl friends over the years and when she’s not too busy doing these things – she travels.

Nur Azreen

Associate, Community Engagement

Azreen works on the strategy and design of communications and outreach campaigns and activities. She holds a degree in Science of Architecture and brings fresh, creative perspectives in design and content creation. Her interest is in engaging activities such as visiting art galleries and museums, reading art books, magazines and drawings. She believes her interest in the visual arts is associated with openness and seeking intense experiences.

Team Stories

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