About Us

Empowering Today's Problem-Solvers

Arus is a social enterprise working towards making learning relevant again through multidisciplinary approaches. Our goal is to inspire students to become lifelong learners and continuously explore and pursue their passion, creativity, and innovation. Our students build both physical and digital solutions to real life problems by applying interdisciplinary concepts. We encourage students to engage in an exciting learning adventure that will inspire them to create a brighter future for all of us.


Our Story

Arus was founded by 4 Teach for Malaysia Alumni, as part of an effort to develop a sustainable education initiative. The 2-year experience of teaching high-needed low-level schools as part of the Teach for Malaysia Fellowship has made us realise that more time and effort needs to be invested on strategising and delivering classroom lessons to improve the way our students learn. We decided to build a long-term approach to monitor the progress of our students over time.

Arus wants to change the education landscape by racing towards innovation and creativity. We minimise the emphasis on the importance of content knowledge, instead concentrate on our students’ using skills to do something with what they know and to be measured based on their respective abilities. We will train our students through new experiential learning adventures that will inspire them to create a brighter future ahead. Arus wants to redefine and reimagine education by changing the child’s mind not to see learning as a hurdle, but a vehicle that one takes to fulfil their dreams.


The Impact

Arus has impacted tons of people positively. Teachers were trained to code and programme using Arus’ curriculum. A large number of students have taken part in Arus programmes and activities. Community activities such as science fairs, student project exhibitions and open workshops were held. Over time, we received grants and awards to equip and expand our services to serve more students. Arus’ students participated in student competitions and events like the Penang International Science Fair. Other than that, many other programmes were created and run by Arus’ teachers. More than 70 student projects were produced.

Our Team

Our Partners