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Arus believes in supporting and empowering teachers for long term sustainability. Selected content from our programmes is available on our resource page. We also go into schools and organise a training at selected venues for in-service and pre-service teachers on 21st-century teaching pedagogies, coding & programming skills, content development, developing engaging lesson plans, integrating 21st-century skills into everyday teaching and learning and many more.

If you are interested to have us come over to your school or institution, please reach out to us formally by submitting a message through our website or via email.

Media Education For All (ME4A)

ME4A is Malaysia’s first national movement that empowers fellow educators to equip our youth with media literacy skills.

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Komuniti Guru Digital Learning + (KGDL+)

KGDL+ is an extension of the KGDL online training modules on digital teaching tools, offering skills and mentoring.

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Komuniti Guru Digital Learning (KGDL)

KGDL is a free, massive open online course that provides modules, tutorials and quizzes to give teachers a quick start in teaching effectively.

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