Media Education For All (ME4A)

Critical Thinkers. Smarter Consumers.

By the end of 2021, we aim to have 100 new members joining the Media Education for All’s registered association. Media Education For All (ME4A). ME4A is Malaysia’s first national movement that empowers fellow educators to equip our youth with media literacy skills. It comprises educators and media practitioners, collectively bringing media and information literacy into schools, colleges and universities and our daily life. Based on five core values: Integrity, Impartiality, Identity, Critical Thinking and Proactivity, ME4A focuses on 4 main initiatives to rally and equip educators for this cause.
  1. Form a Media Education For All movement by educators.
  2. Build a media literacy training portal for all educators in Malaysia.
  3. Continuous professional development courses for new members.
  4. Campaigns and a library of lesson materials on media literacy skills.

We want to reach 3,000 educators by January 2022 through our media information and literacy training called Media Education Academy.

Do you want to be equipped to empower youth with media literacy skills? If that’s you, join us on our social media platforms for ME4A updates and happenings:


Media Education For All is a collaboration between the US Embassy in KL and Arus Academy in partnership with The Fourth.