Our Programmes

Arus Academy develops and runs engaging and exciting experiential learning adventures that inspire our students to create a brighter future for all.  

These adventures usually take place in our space in Penang, Kuala Lumpur or these days, virtually anywhere! 

The content of our programmes ranges from design thinking, coding, robotics, programming, financial literacy, data analytics and 3D modelling among many others to encourage a problem-solving mindset and a love for learning in our students.

We also run outreach programmes where we visit schools and public venues to spread awareness on what we do and the importance of having STEM skills and knowledge. We accept requests for our programmes to be run outside of our space.

Fun(d) For Life

The Fun(d) for Life Programme is an online interactive portal, financial literacy camps and design sprint-like events, among many others.

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Global Citizenship Education Projects

GCED projects allow students to dive deeper into current world issues and learn to solve the real world problems using knowledge gained from Malaysia’s national curriculum.

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Voices of COVID Generation

VOCG is a programme that uses a project-based method using COVID-19 as a central theme with learning goals aligned with 4 subjects within Malaysia’s national curriculum.

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