Voices of COVID Generation

Finding Our Voice in A Pandemic

Voices of the COVID Generation (VOCG) was a response to the lack of avenues for our children to process and make sense of the new normal. The learning journey aims to alleviate confusion about the pandemic by taking students through an educational experience to understand the different elements of COVID-19; its origin, spread, science and its effect on the way we live. Beyond that, students get to explore how COVID-19 affect countries, communities and individuals differently and explore the role they can play collectively in facing the global crisis to galvanize positive changes.

VOCG is a programme that uses a project-based approach using COVID-19 as the central theme with learning objectives aligned to 4 subjects within Malaysia’s national curriculum and Global Citizenship Education (GCED).

VOCG wants to make meaningful remote learning by having both online and offline programme delivery for students across the nation. The online version is a website (self-learning platform) and the offline version is a physical VOCG Box via postage. The outcome of the programme aims to empower students to find strength and a role in adversity and to build advocacy around giving space to children to express thoughts and ideas even in time of emergencies.

The current cohort involves 19 VOCG Leaders (teachers) and 200 students from all over Malaysia and the programme is inclusive of all types of students to participate; those with tech access and without, special needs children and students from community centres.

Students’ responses in the form of reflections and ideas are curated and showcased on World’s Children Day through a virtual interactive exhibition on our platform. The programme aims to bring out 6 different voices namely Hopeful, Reflective, Empathy, Leader, Innovative and Creative voices to help them express emotions, ideas and reflections in regards to the global pandemic.

Check out the virtual exhibition website here: http://arus.cc/voices