Future Skills For All (FS4A)

“You make it easier. It’s so much fun! I always thought computer programming is hard.” A student delightfully expressed herself after going through Future Skills For All resources. Future Skills For All (FS4A) is an online asynchronous learning platform to facilitate teaching and make learning fun by exploring the greatness of computer science. There are four series, namely Micro:bit, HTML, Python and SQL basic programming series. All content is well-aligned to respective subjects in the Malaysian National Curriculum, which includes year 5 Design and Technology, Form 1 and Form 2 Basic Computer Science, and Form 4 Computer Science subjects.

Micro:bit series is available in Malay, Chinese and Tamil to ensure high adoption in Malaysia vernacular primary schools. Every lesson comes with lesson notes, a tutorial video and an assessment quiz. Students can track their learning progress and teachers could access all resources through Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia (DELIMa) platform.
To date, this platform has achieved 50,000++ unique users.

Kick start your coding journey now with FS4A!

Main site: https://futureskills.moe-dl.edu.my
Micro:bit (Malay): https://arus.cc/FS4AmicrobitBM
Micro:bit (Chinese): https://arus.cc/FS4AmicrobitBC
Micro:bit (Tamil): https://arus.cc/FS4AmicrobitBT
HTML: https://arus.cc/FS4AHTML
Python: https://arus.cc/FS4Apython
SQL: https://arus.cc/FS4ASQL