STEM + Arts with SP Setia

When we were looking for ways to integrate STEM and Arts, theatre comes very naturally to our minds. It involves a lot of making. From making props to background lighting control, we love to see how students learn from making things – the maker education that we advocate for. With that in mind, we humbly collaborate with Leadspire Academy to host SP Setia Spark Camp 2019 where students learn how technology can be integrated into a theatre performance.

Over three days from 26th to 28th of April 2019, 30 students from three different primary schools (10 each from a Tamil, Malay and Chinese school) came together to learn how to use storytelling and dramatic performance as tools for language development, creative storytelling, confidence-building tool as well as Arduino basic programming skills for theatre technical support. With all these skills they have learnt, students were then challenged to use any cartoon character to create a story that will increase awareness towards a social issue or environmental protection.

The teachers were extremely nervous up till the final performance time as no one had any idea how this will turn out. This concept has no precedent anywhere in the world. Marvellous things happen when we give students enough space for creativity. One group came up with an intriguing storyline where Superman gave up saving the world and Sophia took the responsibility. In the end, Superman was moved and realised that saving Earth is not a one man’s job but it requires everyone’s cooperation. We also had Princess Elsa from Frozen teaching police officers to educate their citizens on green initiatives and Deadpool who taught people how to be clean to fight against zombies who fed on dirt and viruses. Complete with light and sound effects students programmed before the performance, it was simply extraordinary.

The trainer from Leadspire Academy teared up during one of the session seeing students from three main ethnicities in Malaysia working so well together to create engaging stories highlighting social issues and environmental problems. We are touched and genuinely thankful to SP Setia Foundation for believing in us when we want to explore this new way of making. It was once an idea of blending STEM & Arts. A vision to nurture students who are empathetic, proactive, creative, and curious. Now, it has come true in the form of a performance.

We do customisable school Maker programmes for children, do contact us if you are interested!

“Pikachu is furious and …”
“Hello madam, I am here to help!”
“I am camera shy…”
“It was a dark and silence night when…”
Say cheese!
“This is how you light up a LED”