Young Engineers for Society

Saturday wraps up a programme we have been doing in SMJK Jit Sin II since the beginning of 2018. It’s the Young Engineers for Society programme, modelled from the Arduino component of our Maker Academy programme. Arus has been working with this school since its inception two years ago to kickstart its Robotics Club.

Students went through a course of Arduino programming and Design Thinking to create innovative solutions around them. 2 batches of students (Form 1 and Form 2) held an exhibition day during their Kelab Robotik session in school and invited their friends and family to see what they have been up to. Some innovative ideas were in this exhibition for example a system that detects the quality of emissions produced by trucks and automatically slows the vehicle down which reduces its productivity. This is to encourage the transportation company to maintain their fleet to not pollute. Another notable idea is the safety locker under students’ desks so that students don’t have to carry unnecessary books back home to reduce back strain.

We would like to congratulate all students on their effort in striving to solve problems responsible members of society. We also would like to thank Pn. Tan Lee Tian, the Teacher Advisor, Mr Gnoh, the Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum, and Mr Zhang, the Principal for supporting this initiative from the beginning.