Girls in Engineering, Math & Science

Investing in girls-only programmes to increase girls' confidence, awareness, interest & grit to pursue the STEM field.

GEMS was founded by our alumni, Gayatri; Xiin Ying, Farahin and Subashini in 2015.

To ensure that girls have a better learning experience, this is a girls-only on-site programme:

  1. Creates an environment where girls feel safe to speak up, interact and try new skills confidently.
  2. Proactively addresses the underrepresented population directly and avoid the gender biases that exist in this field.
  3. Designed to highlight more female role models for inspiration and push students to aspire beyond the stereotypical routes meant for girls.
  4. Allows girls to redefine what the tech culture should look like with them being active contributor.

This 8-month programme involves comprehensive lessons on computational thinking, problem-solving, coding, presentation and design thinking skills using open source software and compatible hardware such as Micro:bit

Students have enrolled in competitions such as the Robotics-Open Design category at Penang International Science Fair in 2019, BBC Micro:bit Do Your Bit Global Challenge and community exhibition. Since its inception, we have empowered 51 girls and hope to reach out to more students.

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